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What positive thing can hypnosis be used for?

August 27, 2012 by relax  
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Question by jasper: What positive thing can hypnosis be used for?
I know that it can be used for weight loss and quiting smoking, but I was curious what else it can be used for.

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Answer by curious
Like if a person w/ OCD or something got hypnotized ,
or an insomniac
or a killer
or an emotionally scarred person

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One Response to “What positive thing can hypnosis be used for?”
  1. mrcricket1932 says:

    Hypnosis is just the attempt to implant a suggestion. The sub-conscious mind accepts that as an order. Should there be a conflicting order present already, one will have a considerable conflict within the sub-conscious level. Some use it for regression for other purposes. Appears to be quite successful there.

    The main value of this process is recovery of some memory, eg: the license plate of a hit and run driver, etc.

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