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What should i add to my pokemon heart gold team?

February 19, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Hamza: What should i add to my pokemon heart gold team?
Dragonite- He’s beast
Gengar- He is realy fast. Hypnosis-Nightmare-Dream Eater, pro moves.
Tyranitar- High atk.

What other pokemon types or pokemons should i add to this. Please answer it would be really helpful.

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Answer by Tom

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4 Responses to “What should i add to my pokemon heart gold team?”
  1. Rawrasaur says:

    How About Your Starter? It’s Always A Help. Good Fighting Type Will Help Against Karen Of The Elite Four, Her Dark Types Will Slay Your Gengar. And A Good Ice Type Will Help With Lance & Clair. Use An Electric Type On Lance’s Aerodactyl, So An Ampharos Or Jolteon Would Be Good?

  2. Lemon says:

    1. Dragonite stinks, Salamence is better than it in every aspect.

    2. Hypnosis-dream eater is for n00bs, trust me, it only works on complete idiots and will get you destroyed against an actual opponent.

    3. Tyranatar is good, but your not telling us anything about your team.

    Tell us the EV’s, moves, nature, etc etc etc.

    But since you seem to be a beginner who doesn’t know much, just use those, and use Metagross, scizor, and gyrados with your team at a possible attempt at making your team decent.

    And of course replace salamence with dragonite.

    Finally, if you want to battle/test your team, your free to pokemon battle me if you wish.
    My email is, make the title “pokemon advice/pokemon battle or something” to set up a battle with me.

  3. Neil M says:

    lugia, hoho, arceus, or mewtwo

  4. Xinyi says:

    1) Do not listen to the person who says Dragonite stinks. I have a Bulky Dragonite which can beat Mences. You just have to get the right set.

    2) Hypnosis-Nightmare-Dream Eater? PRO? Don’t make me laugh. Hypnosis by all means, but don’t bother with the other two. Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt are the way to go.

    3) Tyranitar– what set are you running?

    For the rest? I assume you can trade so go with your starter, a Fire/Water type depending on what your starter is not (Arcanine if you chose Feraligatr, Lapras or Gyarados if you chose Typhlosion), and an Electric type (Ampharos is good).

    Seriously though, you won’t need Dragonite, Gengar, OR Tyranitar. If you get a Psychic type and a Donphan, you’ll be pretty much covered.

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