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What you guys think about hypnosis and trance like states?

September 12, 2012 by relax  
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Question by krobalisk: What you guys think about hypnosis and trance like states?
Im very interested in stuff of this nature and was researching the great Edgar Cayce. Do most people believe this is possible, if not, what do you call dreams?

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Answer by Murzy
it can be very relaxing and a great stress reliever

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3 Responses to “What you guys think about hypnosis and trance like states?”
  1. Alexaaaaaa says:

    My mum’s a hypnotherapist and weirdly enough, I asked her this a few days ago. She says it can be relaxing ^^
    Or if Derren Brown does it, it can be funny (:

  2. Netta says:

    I think altered states of consciousness are very effective for making positive changes in any aspect of your life.
    I don’t know what most people believe but I believe the imposter’s get all the press, and in turn skeptics make life difficult for those who have the real answers.
    I don’t really know anything of Cayce, but the best book I have read on the subject, and more, is no longer in print. Yeterian actually teaches you how to accomplish what it is you seek; and she is genuine. It’s worth digging around to find an old library copy or a used one somewhere.

  3. David says:

    Hi,I think you will find the website in resource below very interesting, especially regards Edgar Cayce. The hypnotic trance is a really good natural ability we all have to make changes.

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