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When you get hypnotized to you fall completely asleep?

November 10, 2013 by relax  
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Question by JoeIQ: When you get hypnotized to you fall completely asleep?
Do you go under and wake up like you just took a nap? Or are you awake the whole time just sitting / laying there.

Do you normally remember the whole experience?

If you literally doze off, do you miss part of the hypnosis?

Best answer:

Answer by the cats’ mother
You are fully conscious and aware of everything that is
going on. No one can make you do things that you would
not normally do under hypnosis so much for the telling someone to murder another person idea! I took hypnosis
to relax and it worked well. A friend of mine did it for
pain management. She had all three of her children without any medication at all and had no pain at all. The mind is
a wonderful thing!

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2 Responses to “When you get hypnotized to you fall completely asleep?”
  1. xih8ux says:

    When you’re hypnotized, you’re very, very relaxed. You will remember everything that was going on. I guess it’s possible that you could fall asleep and then you won’t remember what happened.

  2. godsguy94 says:

    i think its kinda like yoga. you are aware of it but all it does is relax your brain a bit :)

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