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Why do I keep screaming in my sleep?

August 30, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Dave: Why do I keep screaming in my sleep?
I recently started using hypnosis therapy along with binaural beats, isochronic tones, and meditation, and now I keep dreaming that my body flies up from my bed. When my head hits the ceiling, I go into blackness and there is a feeling of complete fear and eternal nothingness, so I scream. The scream wakes me and my wife both up each time. This is a very frequent occurrence now. Did I trigger something by using these types of therapies?

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Answer by cows go moo
Well im not an expert at these things but my room mate had the same problem, she was on a strong medication and suddenly started sleep walking and started screaming out things. I asked her what she was dreaming, she kept having the same dream every time, she was in a dark room with all these snakes, there her two most fears, the dark and snakes.

We went to her Doctor but everything he said to do wasn’t working, we haven’t found out whats wrong yet but i have a theory, I think its just your body getting used to the medication and things, if you just start on a strong medication like “boom” you re bodies like “whats this? what do i do with it?” and it takes a while to work it out, once you have been on the medication for about 3 weeks it shouldn’t be happening very often, at around 2-3 months it shouldn’t be happening at all. After my friend was on her medication for 7 weeks it just suddenly stopped. If it goes longer then ask your Doctor about the medication. You might have to cut it down a notch.

Hope this helps.

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