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Why do some consider hypnosis to be evil or dangerous?

February 5, 2008 by relax  
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hypnosis58 Why do some consider hypnosis to be evil or dangerous?
cheergirl asked:

I’ve heard some people and churches put it in the “dabbling with the occult category” along with spells and ouija boards. What do they believe is dangerous about it?
I mean (in the logic of some religious peole) how does hypnosis relate to the occult?
wait how can being hypnotized lead to demonic possession? i’m trying to understand that one

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18 Responses to “Why do some consider hypnosis to be evil or dangerous?”
  1. AnArdRi says:

    Does Hypnosis Work

    “Some” are as thick as a mud wall.

  2. Dharmanator says:


    It takes a measure of control away from the church.

  3. Seduction Hypnosis

    im a christian..and honestly i think ppl are stupid..i dont think hypnosys is bad..its a damn gift! :)

  4. daljack says:

    Persuasion Hypnosis

    Some people think “giving” up control is dangerous.

    Usually people who believe that haven’t done their homework.

  5. STEPHEN M says:

    Seduction Hypnosis

    The danger with emptying your mind through hypnosis is that you may become demon possessed or influenced by strange spirits. Christians should be filling their mind with the Word of God (Bible) and meditating on the verses found therein.

  6. Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

    I don’t really care much, but I guess some people would say that it possible dements the mind in some way, and is some form of betrayal.

  7. Ahmad says:

    Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

    This book essentially tells you what hypnotists are using to do what they do.

  8. that one guy says:

    Seduction Hypnosis

    I’ve heard somewhere that doing hypnosis to bring back repressed memories can sort of scramble your brain and damage your long term memory I think. not sure on that one though

  9. Mike b says:

    Seduction Hypnosis

    well the effects of subliminal messages on the mind have not been entirely researched. they are an unknown. we call it dangerous because we will not sail blindly into the dark

  10. dawn says:

    Lose Weight Hypnosis

    its leaving urself open to suggestion … at least thats how i understand it ..

  11. Lacey says:

    The Master Method of Hypnosis

    You’re giving your will and agency to another, and that’s dangerous. Your agency was given to you by God, and the devil tries to take it away. (Consider how much freedom you have in jail, for instance). It is not of God to give something such as your capacity for choice away to a random guy on the street.

  12. Mundo says:

    How Hypnosis Works

    Hypnosis = Possession – for the weak soul.

  13. Swag says:

    Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

    Dunno…….does it work really?

  14. CrazyJ says:

    Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

    religion doesn’t like competition. Using the same techniques religion uses to indoctrinate people for non-religious purposes makes the use for the religious purposes seems less miraculous. Its the same reason some religious people have problems with science when it goes against its teaching, they can’t stand the competition.

  15. The GMC says:


    Some people have become possessed through it. It is essentially allowing yourself to be influenced. We as Christians should never give over our mental capacities to someone else like that.

  16. Nancy says:

    Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

    thats what ppl says when they are scared of something or unknown to them. thats only beliefs, you decide whats best or not for you. if your mind constanly focus in the bad, it’ll create only bad things.

  17. adriftfeline says:

    Seduction Hypnosis

    Hypnosis is dangerous (in my particular church’s view) because you are submitting your subconscious thought process to another individual’s control. They can implant motives that you wouldn’t otherwise allow yourself to consider. Most hypnotists, if not all, use sorcery to accomplish their clandestine intentions. Sorcery, in most Christians’ views, is the practice of luciferianism. A Christian would never desire to have another force influence their minds except the Spirit of the Creator God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

  18. The First Dragon says:

    Does Hypnosis Work

    Hypnosis is not a supernatural state; but it is a vulnerable state. Even leaving aside the issue of religion, there are risks involved, and hypnosis is not completely understood. Hypnosis can, among other thing, give rise to false memories, which may in turn cause havoc in families. I am not against hypnosis being used appropriately, but it is essential to get a skilled and ethical practitioner who also has common sense.
    One reason that a lot of religious people think hypnosis is occult may be, that a lot of hypnotists believe in reincarnation. This is not in fact related to any religion that teaches reincarnation; they base this belief on experiences of “past lives” under hypnosis. Considering the known phenomenon of false memories arising from hypnosis, it seems odd to me that so many people accept these hypnotic experiences as accurate. It is relatively easy to learn how to induce a hypnotic state, but understanding the mental processes involved is much more challenging.

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