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Why would someone not believe that hypnosis was possible?

September 28, 2011 by relax  
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Question by samfisherjr: Why would someone not believe that hypnosis was possible?
It is an actual science and you can get a degree in it, and there is so much proof that it works in so many ways, why then does somebody not believe in hypnosis?
That is one of the most common misconceptions. When given suggestions in a hypnotic state, you have the capacity to refuse anything that is asked of you, so anything morally incompatible with your code will be picked up as wrong and you will generally snap up from the trance.

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Answer by Yezzy Forty
sorry i don’t, but i do believe in you can believe/disbelieve anything you put ur mind is GOD’S work..not hypnosis..stupid stuff

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4 Responses to “Why would someone not believe that hypnosis was possible?”
  1. Eaglewinged Humanpuma says:

    cause…i simply don’t believe it is any more informative than an ouija board.

  2. ?ha! says:

    to tell you the truth,i have seriously doubts about hypnosis!i never thought much of it.But,its my opinion :)

  3. Winifred Smith says:

    Hypnosis is only possible in 80% of the population. An individual’s ability to be hynotised is largely genetic. Plus the idea seems a bit far-fetched. Other than that, I don’t know, maybe on religious grounds?

  4. Sidney says:

    Because it’s hard to believe that a person can be turned into a suggestible robot. Most people have never witnessed that sort of thing, outside of the Manchurian Candidate and movies like that. Therefore, it’s hard to believe. And come to think of it, if people were so suggestible, wouldn’t that be used constantly by the government for espionage and such? Couldn’t they just hypnotize someone into stealing government secrets or robbing a bank. Or are we to believe that the practitioners happen to be morally exceptional. Or maybe it’s happening all around us but we don’t know. That brings us back to not witnessing it.

    You can watch people allegedly get hypnotized and you can go to Africa and watch people allegedly get possessed by devils and dance funny at rituals. But I still think it’s all fake.

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