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will anyone be willing to tutor me on conversational hypnosis?

March 26, 2014 by relax  
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Question by eragon: will anyone be willing to tutor me on conversational hypnosis?
i want to know if anyone will be willing to tutor me on covert/ conversational hypnosis if so will u email me telling me so and then we will start thx

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Answer by …and the crowd goes wild!
Google anchoring or NLP hypnosis. There are people that will train you to do it, but it aint cheap.

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One Response to “will anyone be willing to tutor me on conversational hypnosis?”
  1. Ian says:

    If you want a free introduction to conversational hypnosis and would like to learn more about it then go to

    There are some pretty good courses available that can teach you conversational hypnosis but also some really poor ones. So I would suggest that you read up a bit about it first. Check out the reviews and go to some hypnosis forums and see what other hypnotists have found useful and look out for free resources that can help. It sounds like you would like some more personal tutoring so look for courses that provide plenty of 1:1 support.

    Anyone can learn conversational hypnosis. It’s not rocket science and the techniques are fairly easy to understand. However, as with anything else in life, if you are really going to master the skill you will need to invest your time and effort (and some hard earned cash too) into learning the proper speech patterns, inductions and so on.

    It’s well worth the effort though. Being able to walk into any social situation knowing that you are in full control of how others will perceive you and fully understanding how to get people to agree with pretty much anything you want is a really great feeling. The confidence you get from this is amazing.

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