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Would hypnosis work for gays or lesbians?

May 13, 2011 by relax  
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Question by : Would hypnosis work for gays or lesbians?
Suppose I was a lesbian and went to see a hypnosis wanting to become straight (hetrosexual) would the the hypnosis be able to do that?

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Answer by Amber D
They could try, but it probably would not work and might just mess your mind up a bit

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5 Responses to “Would hypnosis work for gays or lesbians?”
  1. Q says:

    No, it would not work in the least bit. Nothing has ever been shown to work.

  2. Dee D says:

    I don’t see a problem. Why would they need hypnosis? I could see them wanting to he heterosexual because of how society treats them… Not sure how to answer your question I guess.

  3. Gatsby says:

    Not a chance It is a genetic its in your hormones.Anyway if you WANTED to be straight you would not be gay in the first place because gay people are happy the way they are.

  4. Flannery says:

    No, it wouldn’t. Hypnosis hasn’t been proven to work for changing a person’s sexual orientation. Homosexuality isn’t something that can be cured or turned on and off like a light. It’s definitely not a choice. It’s an indelible part of the human mind, and therefore can’t be cured by any sort of treatment.

    You can’t become straight if you are a lesbian, or vice versa. If you believe you have, then there’s a big chance you weren’t really a lesbian in the first place.

  5. SadharaSatguru says:

    Hello Jane

    No darling it wouldn’t.

    However the right type of hypnosis would help with coming to terms with issues.


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