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Would Hypnosis Work On Someone With A Mental Disorder?

November 27, 2012 by relax  
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Question by KJT: Would Hypnosis Work On Someone With A Mental Disorder?
I would love to try hypnosis to help correct some of the problems in my life.
But I also have a “laundry list” of mental and personality disorders that I’m afraid even hypnosis couldn’t help.
Anyone familiar with this?

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Answer by serialmom12
Hypnosis does help with some problems. I had an unreal phobia of needles and IV’s. I went for 5 sessions of hypnosis and while I can’t say that I’m “cured” the post hypnotic suggestion was to close my eyes and go to a “happy place” (for me it’s St Augustine FL,) tell the person about your phobia and tell them to advise you when it’s over and to put away all the needles or cover them up with something like a towel.
As long as I don’t see the needles or IV’s, while I still have to take Xanax to avoid a panic attack, I am able to endure this torture w/o freaking out and having to have someone call 911.
My phobia was SO bad that I had all of my dental work w/o novocaine and two 9+ lbs babies with no drugs. I did everything I could in every situation to avoid injections, IV’s, blood work etc.
Now that I’m older unfortunately I can’t avoid these situations like I did years before.
Go for it…..I’m sure it couldn’t hurt!! Best of luck (I also have PTSD and Bipolar disorder.)

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4 Responses to “Would Hypnosis Work On Someone With A Mental Disorder?”
  1. Amarnath C says:

    With ” YOGA” this can b solved.
    U can advise your near n dear.
    All the best.

  2. TobyF says:

    If by personality disorder you mean you been diagnosed with some form of psychosis, delusional thinking, schizophrenia or similar then it is essential that you are only hypnotized by a psychiatrist who is familiar with your condition. This is important as many forms of hypnotic treatment could make your condition worse.

    If you have *just* anxieties / phobias / panic attacks then hypnosis could help. A long list would suggest that hypnoanalysis or some form of regression therapy would be useful. These techniques are not suitable if you have any form of psychosis.

    I hope you find answers to your problems.

  3. Mindsci says:

    Hi KJT

    Some hypnotherapists treat people suffering people who have been diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. It’s not possible to tell you whether hypnotherapy is an option for you as you have not specified either what your issues are or what you want to be treated for.

    Your best bet is to find an appropriately qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, and talk to them about what they might be able to do. If you want more specific guidance you are welcome to e-mail me.

    Best wishes

    Barry Thain
    Clinical Hypnotist

  4. Bravo says:

    From my experience, I’m pretty sure that as long as you can understand and follow direction and are able to visualize where do you dream, you can be hypnotized.

    One way to know if you’d even CAN be hypnotized is to think of a time you were totally engrossed into a book, movie, or television show. If you were captivated so much that someone couldn’t get your attention after calling your name a couple times, then you were effectively hypnotize.

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