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Would you want to experience hypnosis and why?

February 23, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Hypnofun: Would you want to experience hypnosis and why?
If so contact me to schedule a time and I will explain hypnosis to you and you can experience the wonderful world of hypnosis!
A truly relaxing, safe and comfortable hypnotic experience!
I have many years experience with hypnosis and can guide you to pleasant, relaxing place to experience what it is like in trance.

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Answer by carol_who shines
no Thanks , I seem to be very easy to hypnosis , I was given a clock that had a pendulum hanging down it , and I put it on top of my TV , and all of a sudden I kept falling asleep , I never fall asleep in a chair . then I released it was the clock , that moving back and forth put me to sleep. I moved the clock , and took the batteries from it

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